Update February 14 2021

This weekend 3 years ago was when it all went wrong. This:

Turned into this in a matter of hours:

3 hospitals, 1 pacemaker and weeks in a hospital bed would not really resolve the issue. Indeed some of them would never be resolved and some new issues would introduce themselves on the back of this. Leading me on to this:  For years I have been seeing bad management in the NHS and Harefield hospital and their new masters the Guys and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust can stake their claim to be the worst I have come across. Hell, they even trump St Georges Hospital in Tooting, London for being poor. Many regulars will have read the numerous St Georges posts on this site. I suspect GSTT may get quite a few more than them very soon!  I had to issue a Subject Access Request Notice against them the other day. Only a proportion of the information turned up, some of it was very incorrect and this is indeed worthy of a lawsuit. I have written at length to ICO as is the correct thing to do. The icing on the cake is some very pertinent information they should have shared with me but didn’t bother to do so. Each time I issue a Subject Access Request Notice people normally umm and ahh. They are always delivered either just in time or late. This one was delivered albeit very incomplete within one week. People who overtly fete the NHS should look at this as a reason why they might wise to not be so overtly vociferous.

Anyway, lets move on from that a bit. That was almost of the beginning of the end, or was it? The health situation keeps going downhill but that was expected and full retirement was a good move, especially as I can barely walk anymore. I am pleased that I managed another three years. So how is that going? It’s ok, I am getting used to it. Owing to health issues I now sleep a lot but I am still quite busy and I do miss work a lot.  I did nearly manage to write an issue of Market Comment the other day. You can read it here. I keep getting asked to continue writing Market Comment. I simply cannot commit to a regular schedule. I will write ad-hoc pieces though.

In other news I am no nearer getting the Telegraph crossword down to seven or eight minutes. I have started learning the Python language and this isn’t going badly so far with one or two small utility programs working.  I have also invested in some Raspberry Pi’s and these are pretty tools to customise. I have started building a “mission control suite” comprising a Media Server, Document Server, Music streaming service, retro HTML games, my CCTV, VOIP, and various other web-based tools. It is early days but it is looking rather good. This will replace the very commercial CourtFax and indeed will give some parts of CourtFax a new home. This is probably worthy of a blog all of its own.

I am currently looking to buy the ideal holiday home but this will take time. The requirement is here and there are some “Brucie Bonuses” available for good leads!

The final issue of The Trade House Magazine Finally closed with a total of 83,276 unique readers. It is still available but no longer advertised. The Trade House Magazine is for sale.

Moving on to internet stuff. This website is doing well with 9,216 visitors last month and 5,607 visitors so far this month. I did the figures for all the websites that I had developed personally or completely developed myself for my own businesses recently. The total number of visitors was over 10,000,000! Linkgate is still going on with the network in question going into hiding on the issue. It has however got rid of the annoying Irish stalker. I am keeping this site going and the plan is for 5-6 updates per month. The Club, which is my private network is available to most regulars. This is growing on both members and content.

I am doing less on social media so you should visit here more often for updates.

Looking forward I can confirm that once restrictions including quarantine are lifted that I will be spending some time in mainland Europe catching up. The diary is currently open and approximate times can be booked.

Ok, thats it for this update. I will update again soon.


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