Doing A Crap Job

I have had to ask the same harsh question to people repeatedly recently. “Why haven’t you done your work properly?”

The responses have ranged from a blank denial that they haven’t done their job properly, combined with doing a runner when asked by me to prove it! You can’t prove something that hasn’t happened!

Other responses go into lies and very big ones! Clearly people in the workforce who have no idea of the truth and wouldn’t know the truth if it came up and spanked them on the arse with a bulldozer!

Doing a proper job is not difficult. You simply do as you are told. Telephone someone now means pick up the phone and make a call! Email me this that or the other means do exactly that! Go and urinate. Walk to the bathroom and take a pee! Make the coffee! – Who really does not know how to do that! Please enlighten me for the love of the baby Jesus and the Virgin Mary!

It seems to me that there is a massive issue in that employers are not employing people fit fotr their job roles and many are employing people to roles that are far too senior and unsuitable for them just because they gave the right bullshit in the interview room! This is damaging business. To add to this every public sector worker I have spoken too since the beginning of the year I could not trust if I employed them. Each one of them could not be trusted to go to the shop for a pint of milk with the right money and come back with the correct change! This is the public sector you and I pay their wages through our taxes. Do you really want people like this in your hospitals, local councils, police forces etc? There are so many examples of this in public service from the lowest level for example toilet cleaner right up to chief executive level and beyond.

I have come to the conclusion that university tuition fees are partly to blame because everyone seems to get a degree for their £27 or so thousand and not necessarily one that they have worked properly for. They have effectively bought it!

I must also take aim at English teachers at every level. For fucks sake teach the fucking kids to read properly. You start at the top of the document and read to the end. You do not pick and choose what to fucking read. Based on the standard of reading these days I do have to wonder how many English teachers paid a backhander to get the PGCE. I know of several schools whose English teachers need to be investigated for this!

I also think the public sector needs an investigation into the qualifications of some of its workers, in terms of fraudulent qualifications. Most seem to sleep through any courses they are put on and then try and blag it.

Tell me I am wrong but we have vast swathes of the workforce that are not bright enough to be in any post well maybe they could be a fence post concreted in the ground but that’s about it!

Soon this going to affect business hard. The UK is a trading stranger and we as country are not overly well endowed with employable talent as the above shows. Employers and senior managers need to wake and manage too. Stop over supporting your staff. Its not big and its not clever. The NHS is worth a clear shout as this is an organisation it’s almost impossible to get sacked from! Top tip at senior manager level and above. Sack staff sooner it is better for your business. The P45 is an excellent management tool.

To staff, do your work properly the first time round, stop fucking about and Facebooking your mates when you are supposed to be working and blaming others because you were too lazy. Follow the process you were taught and follow it properly. Oh and fraud in the workplace isn’t a clever thing either!

Author: courtg9000

Former businesman. Disabled. UK based.