Ultimate Early 90’s Bit Of Kit

Welcome to my first PDA. The Sharp IQ 7000!

I found this while clearing out some stuff recently. I am amazed I still had it. What is even more surprising is, that after all these years it still works! What is even more surprising is that if I click on the Memo function, there is a still note there that I wrote in 1992 regarding quite a car smash I witnessed on Balham High Road, London! There are also a few phone numbers that are long out of date. The Ford Dealer listed went bust in 1995 and I have updated the phone numbers for certain friends as they have all long moved on.

I picked this device up in 1991. It was expensive but I got a good discount through a friend of mine. It came with 32k (yes kilobytes) of memory and the calculator, memo, calendar, diary and contacts modules. You could expand it but these memory cards were very expensive so I didn’t bother with them. It served me well for a few years until a Psion came along. It shows how far we come in 30 years. 32k sufficed back then and this device could swallow all the data I could chuck at it. These days any device I touch needs at least 32 Gigabytes and all my devices have at least a 128GB SD card inserted into the expansion port. This also shows what we now need in terms of functionality. Back in 1991 I probably had about 100 contacts. Up until recently my mobile phone was synchronised with my work CRM system. over 14,000 contacts! I am now back to around 1,000 contacts. My memo files are generally a lot larger now too. I don’t think some of them would fit on this device.

Between 1991 and 1995 this device was constantly by my side along with my pager and latterly a Motorola 8800 and then a Motola Dynatac flip phone. and it worked very well, managing my life and keeping everything in one place. Mostly living in my jacket pocket or briefcase next to my wallet, passport, paperwork and cigarettes it got knocked about quite a bit too and certainly saw some “action”. However it never once let me down in the field which is more than I can say about some of the devices I have had had since. I am amazed it is working today as I write although it is nagging me for new batteries!

This was one of the first mainstream PDA devices and although it had its flaws it was a stellar bit of kit. It did show the market how these devices needed to be designed. Sharp left the PDA marketplace a long, long time ago. Based on this device I do wonder what delights they could come up with if they were still in the market.

I am going to keep this device and it will not be going on Ebay.

Author: courtg9000

Former businesman. Disabled. UK based.