Repost: Market Comment 2018

Market Comment
Court Guinness resurrects an old column he used to write in which he takes an opinionated and sometimes irreverent view of what he sees in the market place.
In this issue he looks back on the month of July 2018.

As I ruminate whilst writing this column, the children have all but finished their academic and scholastic year. This usually signals a almost deathly quiet time for dealmaking, business opportunities and business sales regardless of sector as families seek to spend quality time together and enjoy any sunshine that is available in their own part of the world.

I should really take a holiday too, however this year is shaping up to be quite a lively school holiday season. It’s a sure thing that September is always exponentially busier than August however with the uncertainties there are
in the world at the moment I am confident that this August will not be most quietest on record.

In all my 23 years in the trade August 2017 rates as the quietest on record. In the past few weeks I have taken quite a number of enquiries relating to some very creative deals and Brexit does seem to be quite the driver here. There is still a lack of confidence in the Brexit process and the future and I believe this will continue until a long time after the deadline. However it does mean that there are plenty of deals to be done.

Many people are waiting until the September issue of this magazine and I already have a lot of new listings booked for the September issue. The autumn
promises to be very exciting for everyone who is looking to strike deals regardless of the composition of the deal.

As I close I hope that all readers manage to enjoy some quality time and some sunshine during the last of the summer.

Author: courtg9000

Former businesman. Disabled. UK based.

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