New Support Ticket System

I am delighted to announce that I have now integrated the support systems that allow users and clients alike to register support tickets into this website. You can access the new system by clicking on this link.

The OsTicket system has served this website well but the time has come to take a more integrated approach.

Lets Talk About Email Addresses And The Back Office Change Here

I have had a number of messages about the changes in the way you get access to The Trade House Magazine.

Yes, we now require an email address for the PDF. This email address is not used unless you ask to subscribe. Secondly The Trade House Magazine has been free for a long time and we cannot allow this to continue Ad In Finitum. We will have to start charging soon and we always said we would charge after 50,000 readers/issue. We are now very close to that.

I will say more about our ratecard soon.

Our security procedures and data protection procedures are both wide-ranging and rigorous. Email addresses are held very securely. If you want to try and break our systems you are welcome to put on your big girl pants and try and you will fail.

On a second note, we have had to overhaul our collaborative, back office and extranet tool, CourtFax to support the expansion of some business lines. This means we need to have extra identification in place for all activity on our platform, which will in turn make our platform and our new offering The Trade Club better for all users.

The Trade House Magazine is available in both forms below.


Interactive Magazine

If you have any questions, please use the form below to contact me.

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