18 Years of WordPress

A few days ago WordPress passed its 18th birthday. This truly is one to mark. I doubt 18 years ago that anyone thought that it would become what it has. The recognised leader amongst CMS systems capturing 40-41% of the market.

Of course I knew about WordPress 18 years ago but dismissed it in favour of Mambo (Later Joomla). When I first came to WordPress in 2009 for a particular task, Mambo had gone and Joomla was on its tail but cracks were starting appear. in 2011 Joomla had problems, big ones. At this point and about version 2.6 WordPress became my go to tool. Replacing Joomla. I only did one site in Joomla after 2011. I have been involved in a large number of WordPress sites since 2011. 10 years ago. This site will reach its 9th WordPress birthday in 15 days time. I will write further about that nearer the time.

We are now on version 5.72 of the WordPress software which is a far cry from 2.6! I am very grateful to the WordPress development team for the time they put in but also to the teams of plugins developers and to the WordPress community too, who are always happy to provide support in internet forums, their wisdom and sage advice which I always greatly appreciate has helped me a lot.

From a simple blogging tool to a system that can accommodate pretty much any flavour of website any would care to dream about is an impressive feat. There are only 2 or 3 cases I can come up with where I would not choose WordPress as the core tool or presentation layer.

I look forward to seeing what the next 18 years of WordPress brings and hope that WordPress builds on its current foundations and becomes even better. There is absolutely no reason why it should not.

The courtg9000 Plan

Many readers have asked about the site at courtg9000.wordpress.com and what the plans are.

The plan at the moment is that courtg9000 will be a regularly updated mirror of this site. This however might change and in that case courtg9000 will become the primary site.

I will be keeping all readers regularly updated. The courtg9000 site is still a bit of a building site so be warned. I shall be changing this in the coming weeks.

Best regards


I Think I Expected More From Lockdowns

A lot of readers know of my support for self hosted open source software. It has a lot to recommend it. Lockdowns apparently have something to recommend them too.

The self hosted open source software scene relies heavily on volunteers. These volunteers do, do a fantastic job on the whole as for the most part they turn out fantastic software. There is always rubbish software in any sector but for the most part this sector is host to the good apples.

In a way, I had the thought that the lockdown “seasons” would provide time for developers to write excellent powerful code that would translate into exciting new stuff for me to try especially in terms of my own specialism of vertical productivity tools, monitoring tools, management and orchestration.

I am aware that colaboration has been difficult during lockdown. Although we are getting there in terms of colaboration tools, these are not fully there yet, however the developers have created some good stuff, this just needs to extended further and can be given time. Covid-19 has placed too much pressure on developing the extension needed in a fashion where extension is for necessary stuff and big fixing only and not so much for developing ground breaking new features.

The reality is therefore that there seems to be a lack of innovation and new products within vertical productivity tools, monitoring tools, management and orchestration. It could be quite possible that I have missed something good and would be delighted to be proved wrong. A slice of humble pie I would be happy to eat!

Let me be clear though. All the developers working on projects such as these need to be encouraged with their endeavours, supported where and when they need support, well thanked for their efforts and the donation of their time and most importantly, most warmly congratulated and praised when they produce something amazing. A sector dominated by communities of volunteers both needs and deserves to be supported by those who consume their efforts. I do my part where I can especially with concise and supportive feedback and bug reporting at the appropriate time. I am also happy to praise and congratulate. I would rather do that than criticise.

In a nutshell I was hoping for something new and sexy for my web server stack and didn’t get when I thought I would!

I do look forward to seeing what comes next from these communities of volunteers. 🙂

Mid May Tech Update 1/Latest Microsoft Surface Review.

So some kit recently has recently reached end of life or has become damaged. This has needed quite a spend on new kit. A new very well specced Lenovo laptop with what I have to say is a very good 14 inch screen and a Microsoft Surface Pro have arrived to take up battle. Lets deal with the Lenovo first. This firm just know what to do. They produce solid kit day in day out without fail. I have had 2 Lenovo desktops and 6 Lenovo laptops since 2012. One was dropped and damaged beyond repair recently but up to that point was very good. This new one is showing the same signs of excellence. I have never needed to telephone Lenovo Support either.

Let us move on to the Microsoft Surface. This is a great bit of kit but I shall have to watch it as it is quite fragile. Probably more fragile than an iPad this device. It has been installed with everything and it absolutely flies. I previously owned a Surface Pro 2. This was a good device but it it was let down by 2 things. The type cover keyboard and Windows 8 RT. I am pleased to say that Microsoft have done some good work on the keyboard BUT it still flexes a bit. I would urge them to sort it out.

Microsoft seem to have upped the screen too as it is much better. The only downside is that the MicroSD slot is still a bit of a faff. All it really needs is an extra USB port. It is running all my usual software with plenty of space on the hard drive and is performing well especially with the design software and the more complex stuff in office documents and spreadsheets. Just for a laugh, I tried out an old 70MB excel Workbook with 38 sheets and more Macro’s and VBA than you can shake a stick at. It absolutely flew through the whole operation!

The main thing for this kit is not to get damaged. I keep an ultra light weight machine around mainly for when I need a machine outside of home as I need to keep the weight in my support bag right down. I have bought a tough case for it, so fingers crossed.

In other news, a new Raspberry Pi is in a box and is awaiting connection to the network. The main use for this one will be comms with some VOIP-related stuff and a slack clone called Mattermost going on there with some support for helping my shot hearing and deafness.

Thats all for now folks!

Nextcloud Does It Again May 2021

It is no secret that I have been a massive fan of Nextcloud since the day it landed.

All of my businesses have had an intranet based on Nextcloud since it came out. It has become a “default deployment”. A very good deployment and time saving deployment too. On the whole users have loved it too.

Here is where it gets interesting. It is interesting watching the way they work. incremental update, incremental update, a major update with some nice new value-enhancing toys to play with and then BAM! Something totally fantastic to really knock that ball right out of the park!

First there was Talk, integrated video conferencing, then integrated office and now this great announcement about Open Project integration! This is all seriously good stuff that is continually making a great product even greater.

The integration is basic so far but the signs are good and the possibilities are endless and amazing.

As I am now retired I no longer need the great project management tooling offered by Open Project indeed my own Nextcloud cloud has become a very personal instance with the Radio component and the music component amongst others installed and quite a few of the more business oriented components removed. However I think I might just install open project on one of my servers and integrate it into Nextcloud just for kicks 🙂

It it always good to see what the team at Nextcloud come up with and I cannot wait for the next announcement!

So well done to Nextcloud and well done to Open Project too. Again I am a fan of Open Project, admittedly I am not as big a fan of Open Project as I am of Nextcloud but I do like and appreciate the project and have been a heavy user of it but I am pleased to see the two products come together. This is good for both products in my opinion and I so look forward to the integration developing further. So my thanks, best wishes and good luck go to both organisations.