Trade Counter – Shipping Issues – UK Ports – November 2020

We are aware that some Trade Counter customers are having issues with container ships being unable to dock at some UK ports and that there is a hefty backlog at some ports meaning that it can take some time for a container to clear customs and leave the port.

This issue is beyond our control. We will be keeping our customers informed if we have any news.

Introducing Project Companions

Recently I have taken on a new PE client in the form of Project Companions . Project Companions is a Trade Suite Client. Project Companions embody the finest in project planning accompanied by a team with nearly a century of experience in this field. I am delighted to be involved with Project Companions.

Today I am proud to share with you the newest products from the Project Companions Stable. All of these products are carefully crafted to ensure a business can succcesfully remobilise after COVID-19. Most of these products come with excellent support including tutorials and guidance sessions run with your favourite video conferencing app. There is also a FREE sample available You can view the products from the home of quality project planning.

I look forward to sharing more details of our forthcoming products with you all over the coming months.

COVID-19 Remobilisation Products

Project Companions is a Trade Suite client.