Repost Market Comment November 2018

In this issue he looks back on the month of October 2018.
I can say with some certainty that October 2018 has been one of the best Octobers in business. Not only were there lots of opportunities to speak with readers of this magazine and advertisers old and new, there were also a
number of things to get excited about. In addition there was for me a home and office move from Surrey to Warwickshire.

The first thing to talk about this month is retail. Physical retail is going so badly wrong on so many levels. I blame some landlords for intransigence and not helping their tenants by sticking to the letter of the contract, some flexibility will go along a way. I blame some landlords for being too quick to go for a residential conversation. At the end of the day if a high street goes so does a community. Now that is a shame. I have written elsewhere about
making retail an experience. I think retail as a business to do this however I do not believe they have buy in from the property people or the finance people! If retail can change for the better then it is better for everyone.

While we talk about getting people through doors, pub landlords must stand up and take some stick from me this month. News has been reaching me of some hideous and in some cases unjustifiable rent increases recently. Again is a part of a community as much as a retail unit. Pubs have had a tough time in recent years we can see this by the number of closures of pubs. Give your tenants
a break! It will be worth it in the long run! The odd percentage point here or there, yes but 20% +? Computer says no!

I now move on to freelancers and independent contractors who are foaming at the mouth after the budget announcement that the tax system of off payroll working (IR35) will not be extended to the private sector just yet.
For many years IT contracting was my trade. That aside this industry has had since 1999 to clean up its act, to change its modus operandi and to move with the times.
Writing this one day after the Autumn 2018 budget I have already seen so many contractors bleating on email and social media about this. The problem is that the industry does not want to change. This is a bad thing for projects
up and down the country and some need to shape up or ship out!

Aside of this negativity this September has been a lovely month aside of the negativity above. Its lovely to see the property development guys being so active in the run up to the festive season, deals regularly being struck and plans made revitalise properties previously unusable. I note a great deal valour going into these projects too with some developers clearly unafraid to push the boundaries—in a good way! I hope we see more this sense of adventure in years to come. It is actually a good thing for business as a whole and an excellent thing for the sector itself.
Inspite of daylight hours drawing in November does look like it will be an excellent month for dealmaking with many people looking to get a large number of deal before the Christmas party and festive season starts with

I look forward to speaking with you all again next month!
Happy dealmaking !
Warmest regards

Campaign To Return The Trade House Magazine

Court Guinness has become aware of a small “campaign” to bring back some parts of The Trade House. Most notable of these is The Trade House Magazine. He is supportive of this. After all a gap in the market has been left.

He cannot simply run The Trade House Magazine on health grounds alone. He has been seeking people to take it on and run it. However there seems to be a dearth of people willing to run it in the way that will appear to help the readership base. All he has are people looking to plunder the database and subscription lists. Whilst there is nothing wrong as long as it is legal to do something more with these databases. The plans miss out of producing a hardcore magazine at least once every 2 months that has quality leads and opportunity inside.

Court is happy to talk to anyone with a sensible proposal that keeps a magazine in place.

Court is touched by the campaign that has gathered and wishes all participants to know that if his health was ever willing he would bring The Trade House Magazine back in a heartbeat.

Trade House Update 02/06/2020

The Trade House has not reopened.

As promised previously The Trade House has now fully closed on time and on schedule. The database has been “locked” and is stored on a very secure server as was promised at the start of my retirement. The database’s only purpose now is to service any Subject Access Request Notices that may arise.

The address is closed off and emails are now not responded too.

Various parts of The Trade House remain available for sale, this includes The Trade House Magazine.

All public Trade House content is now available in various areas of this website.

I am sorry to disappoint those who were expecting a more favourable update such as my returning to work! Alas this is definitely not possible. I do wish that this were not the case.

Any Trade House enquiries can be made by using the form below.

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Rolling Business Opportunities List 24/01/2020

Please see below for links to all Trade House Magazine December 2020 opportunities lists. This post will be updated throughout December 2020. Please check back regularly.

Updated 24/01/2020.

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Trade House Disposals Update 20/01/2020

I am pleased to announce that The Trade House and Court Guinness have disposed of the following:

  • Trade Jobs – our executive search recruitment portal for startups and senior executives.
  • The Trade Lounge – Social networking for small business owners.
  • The Trade Counter – import/export
  • Virtual Office business
  • Some intellectual property from The Trade Library
  • UK Shareholdings
  • Irish Shareholdings
  • French Shareholdings

I am not disclosing deal terms.

The following is still available:

  • The Trade Room – SME & HNWI Business consultancy and project management.
  • The Trade Desk – A networking (telephone and internet) based deal making and deal matching service.
  • The Trade House Magazine – A successful business deals magazine. Over 40,000 readers every issue.
  • Some intellectual property from The Trade Library. More information available.

I am open to discussing all reasonable deals on the above four disposals.

Please use the form below to contact me with any enquiries.