Early October 2021 Update

Many of you will know that 2021 has already been like the house guest who dosen’t get hint when to leave.

Unfortunately my health continues its downward descent and has got exponentially worse since Fiona passed away. This means I am not able to do much as physically I cannot even though the mind is more than able. The arthritis and CFS are getting worse and the unwelcome return of PTSD is causing a lot of problems. I don’t know is there is a link to grief and this stuff but it is not \ pretty place to be.

Most of my little projects have been put on hold and nothing has really been done. I haven’t even looked at the Telegraph crossword in over 2 months. I can’t seem to get the brain in gear for that.

I have been updating this website and you will all know by now that I have closed courtguinness.com for a more manageable and slightly cheaper solution.

Courtfax and my media solution are still running strong and doing their job.

In September this new site won just over 7,000 visitors a figure that I am quite pleased about. This is down on the courtguinness.com average but it is still impressive. I know that it will take time to build back that level of visitors.

I am still looking towards getting some sort of a holiday before the end of the year. Many friends in mainland Europe are often asking when I will visit them. I am still nervy about the Covid situation changing plans at short notice but I would like to get to the mainland soon. My passport renewal is in progress. I do want to take a moment to recognise these people and say a massive Thank You to all of them for their absolutely massive levels of support over the past few months. You guys have never once failed me even at stupid o’clock when things have been below rock bottom. I am very, very grateful for your support.

I am still aware that people want to see The Trade House return. I will write separately about this.

I will try and get another update before the end of the month.

PS: Lucy has asked me all to remind you her new website which is here

Following On From The Band 5 Bullshitter

There are two new additions. The “Pigshitter“. A corrupt police officer or one that cannot do their job properly.

Following on from the Pigshitter is the “Publicshitter” a central or local government employee who is corrupt, inept or tells porkies.

Lets Have a Look At The Metropolitan Police

As a former Londoner and someone who still has a lot of ties to the city I have been very concerned by the Sarah Everard episode and what has gone on around it.

I mean, a policeman murdering and everything else an innocent young lady. His fellow officers behaving from the footage I saw and in my opinion like hooligans at at a vigil for her life. Talk about defending the indefensible! The policeman’s colleague effectively trashing a vigil for someone one of their colleagues murdered you couldn’t make it up and put it in a fiction book!

The Standard website ran this article ask how women could trust the police after Sarah Everard. I think the issue runs deeper. I don’t think anyone in London can trust the Metropolitan Police. The Commisioner of the police has a lot of poor history, including leading the operation that shot dead an innocent Brazilan gentleman at Stockwell Tube Station.

This gets then deeper, my own view is that management is weak. I don’t see that police officers anywhere are accurately led and managed. I have seen police officers including Metropolitan Police ones who I would not feel comfortable employing in even basic roles such as toilet cleaning or car park sweeping. The officer who killed Sarah Everard clearly couldn’t be trusted to go to the shop for a bar of chocolate with the right money and come back with the correct change, yet he was allowed into a position of public trust. Disgusting.

My own opinion is that the Metropolitan Police need serious reform and the appointing of proper management who can manage staff properly. From a bit of googling there are a large number of incidents of incorrect promotions.

Apparently there are exams to pass to gain certain promotions. This then begs us to look at the entry qualifications to become a police officer. A level 3 qualification or an A Level. I have seen police officers who wouldn’t know the answer to a simple sum such as 2+2. So if these people are getting the promotions, the exams cannot be that difficult to pass. Exams should be difficult no matter what they for.

So we need to look full circle again. Can we be safe with all of this? My personal answer is NO. Its not just women who cannot be safe its anyone. Even my pet goldfish is not safe in London. Just look at all the other crimes that have happened in London in the past week. Some unreported because they know the police will do nothing.

ITs gets even more galling because Londoners have to pay for this “service” through their taxes. What value for money if the people that are supposed to be keeping London safe are murdering the people they are supposed to be keeping safe.

On Wednesday 6th October I shall mark 3 years of being out of London. I have no desire to return and this is one of the reasons why. there are other reasons but this is a big one. I have spent a lot of my life living in the London area but no more.