Joint Venture Opportunity

Unique Business For Joint Venture

The joint venture opportunity for The Trade House comprises of the following:

Business Deals Listings Magazine. Published in PDF format. Last issue won 100,000 readers. Ready for revenue generation.

Executive Search Agency for start-ups/small businesses

Internet and telephoned based deal networking and brokerage service

Small business consultancy and advisory service

Excellent databases

All marketing collateral/Intellectual property

Option to rebuild dropship facility for commercial stocking

Option to rebuild online networking platform for small business owners.

Intellectual property for additional business channels

Market Comment is a “Clarksonistic” take on what is happening the deal making marketplace.

The Trade House was developed by Court Guinness in 2018 and grew substantially until he had to retire at the end of 2020.

Comprising of the lines of business and assets above The Trade House is a comprehensive suite of tools with revenue opportunities a plenty within the SME space.

The magazine subscriber database currently has over 17,000 subscribers. The business listings database holds over 6,000 business opportunities and the CRM system is well populated.

This is a unique business with unique footholds in strong marketplaces and is well placed to exploit these further and explore other lucrative footholds. A strategy map and market placement atlas is available on request along with the business strategy document and revenue plan. Signature of an NDA will be required for access to these documents.

The magazine, consultancy networking and matching service will require a relaunch but customers are waiting and revenue is waiting to be collected. The executive search channel has a good supply of candidates available.

Some mild website work will need to be undertaken. This can be taken care of.

Court Guinness is open to all offers to take the business on its next journey as a joint venture.

The incoming JV partners may not need to input financially.

This represents a unique opportunity to take a unique business to the next level and profit from it.

Court Guinness has lots more information available and you are welcome to contact him to discuss this further.

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