Warning Note To Eircom/Eir Customers Visiting courtguinness.com

Owing to the resurgence of our Irish stalker visiting now from the Eircom/Eir networks O will shortly be shutting access to this website to certain IP address ranges from the Eircom/Eir networks.

I regret the inconvenience this will cause to some legitimate visitors from the Eircom/Eir networks who should be able to rightfully enjoy their normal visits and enjoy the content on this website.

I have previously given an open fair warning on this website during the month of December 2020 that this action would be taken should the stalker not cease and desist.

Catch-Up Blog 04/12/2020

Just a quick note to catch up on a few things after the recent outage here owing to a heavily corrupted database.

At the end of November, I announced my full-time retirement on health grounds with effect from 31/12/2020. The notice is here

A full list of all property deals available is here.

It is now easier to contact me via email, messenger app and Zoom and than it is via telephone.

The Trade House Magazine has won 16,385 readers since launching on 25th November. Thank you all so much.

The following have closed early: The Trade Counter, The Trade Suite, The Trade Room, The Trade Lounge.  Virtual Office. The Trade Club is temporarily closed whilst it is replaced by a new network.

The latest issue of The Trade House Magazine is below.

Please use the form at the bottom of this post to contact me with any queries.


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Mini Update From Court Guinness

It has been a while since I wrote an update so here is a brief one to bring you all up to speed.

  • The October 2020 edition of The Trade House MAgazine has won 42,859 unique readers at the time of writing.
    The next issue of The Trade House Magazine, The winter 2020/2021 special edition will be published from the 21st of November. Trade Club members will get it first followed by 8,000 email subscribers and then public access.
    I will be arranging London meetings prior to Christmas if UK Lockdown 2 is ended prior to Christmas. These will be held at the Marriott Hotel, Heathrow Airport. Dates to be confirmed.
    I am currently looking for leasing for a Volkwagen Caddy Maxi – Hi spec 20,000 miles pa. Please contact me if you can deal.
    I have 0.3 FTE availability for new projects from 11/01/2021.
    I require a project lead for an agricultural to leisure conversion in Ireland. Must have previous experience. I also require a hotel conversion specialist for a project in France.
    For those of you looking for gory details on my health, there is nothing new or exciting to report, no modes of transport have been crashed and nothing has been broken since my last update!

Please use this form to contact me with any queries.

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The July-August 2020 Edition of The Trade House Is Delayed

The July-August 2020 edition of The Trade House Magazine has been delayed.

The July-August will not be published as previously advertised on 24/06/2020.

This is due to Court Guinness taking emergency sick leave.

The July-August 2020 edition of The Trade House Magazine will be published prior to 30/06/2020.

Thank you all for your patience.

Court Guinness