Advertised For Friends – SmartWatch Distributors

A broker friend of Court’s is looking for Country Distributors for a new brand of smartwatches for the UK and Ireland.

This is a new lifestyle brand and the SmartWatch is their first product. There are excellent retail possibilities.

A good distributor with some infrastructure and excellent retail contacts is sought for the UK and Ireland. Separate distributors for each country will be considered.

Good margins are available.

If anyone is interested please contact Court via the form below and he will put you in touch with the broker.

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Posted by Mike Jones

Missing Things….

Ordinarily this week every year should be a very, very busy one indeed. I would start with Spring Fair at the NEC and follow this up with a visit to a private equity conference in London. Next would be the pub expo at Olympia where I would combine drumming up business with sampling new beers and craft gins! This would be completed with a departure for Ireland to tend to my various business interests there.

Both retirement and covid are putting paid to that for this year. In truth, I would have attended the pub expo anyway for the sheer pleasure alone of trying new gins and beers without the need to drum up business.

I am certainly not missing the long haul in the car from London to Ireland as this one is more onerous than the other trips I do after such a heavy week as in previous times I would have to weave my usual workload in too.

There is next year I suppose…..

Project Managers Required – Ireland/France

Posted on behalf of a friend if you are interested please contact me using the form below and I will connect you.

Post COVID work available in Ireland and France (sometime 2021) . Project Managers required for agricultural to residential/leisure/hospitality/retail conversions. Must have manager experience on more than one similar project. Timescales likely to be “progressive”

Please use the form below for any enquiries.

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Warning Note To Eircom/Eir Customers Visiting

Owing to the resurgence of our Irish stalker visiting now from the Eircom/Eir networks O will shortly be shutting access to this website to certain IP address ranges from the Eircom/Eir networks.

I regret the inconvenience this will cause to some legitimate visitors from the Eircom/Eir networks who should be able to rightfully enjoy their normal visits and enjoy the content on this website.

I have previously given an open fair warning on this website during the month of December 2020 that this action would be taken should the stalker not cease and desist.