100,000 Milestone Reached for 2021!

At 11:37 on 02/06/2021 this website recorded its 100,000th visitor for 2021.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank all visitors for helping me to reach this milestone.

This equates to an average of 19,655 visits per month. In fact our highest monthly figure has been a sniff under 30,000. The lowest so far is just over 9,000. The average visit takes in an average of just over 5 pages every visit.

This website is targeted to receive 235,000 visits this year.

Thank You all once again,

Best regards


The Trade House Magazine October 2020 Fact Pack

The Fact Pack for October 2020 for The Trade House Magazine is available below.

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The Trade House Magazine March 2020 Readership Report

I am delighted to announce that the March 2020 edition of The Trade House Magazine achieved the following:

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The Trade House Magazine – Readership Statistics – Jan 2019

Please see below for readership statistics for all issues to date.

DateissuePagesAdsValue Unique ReadershipActual ReadershipgrowthshareAverage
01/12/2017Dec-171429 £     24,025,990.00 231725960.00%4.14%Below Average
01/02/2018Feb-182138 £     31,249,985.00 3871421967.07%6.92%Below Average
01/06/2018Jun-182773 £     99,065,130.00 4594528318.68%8.21%Below Average
01/07/2018Jul-1835122 £   155,547,065.00 6259701036.24%11.19%Above Average
01/08/2018Aug-1848148 £   172,826,560.00 51975821-16.97%9.29%Below Average
01/09/2018Sep-1856162 £   210,370,435.00 6622754927.42%11.84%Above Average
01/10/2018Oct-1858179 £   218,171,635.00 722378739.08%12.91%Above Average
01/11/2018Nov-1861188 £   228,135,765.00 92941059528.67%16.62%Above Average
01/12/2018Dec-1868207 £   325,716,510.00 105591154113.61%18.88%Above Average