Early October 2021 Update

Many of you will know that 2021 has already been like the house guest who dosen’t get hint when to leave.

Unfortunately my health continues its downward descent and has got exponentially worse since Fiona passed away. This means I am not able to do much as physically I cannot even though the mind is more than able. The arthritis and CFS are getting worse and the unwelcome return of PTSD is causing a lot of problems. I don’t know is there is a link to grief and this stuff but it is not \ pretty place to be.

Most of my little projects have been put on hold and nothing has really been done. I haven’t even looked at the Telegraph crossword in over 2 months. I can’t seem to get the brain in gear for that.

I have been updating this website and you will all know by now that I have closed courtguinness.com for a more manageable and slightly cheaper solution.

Courtfax and my media solution are still running strong and doing their job.

In September this new site won just over 7,000 visitors a figure that I am quite pleased about. This is down on the courtguinness.com average but it is still impressive. I know that it will take time to build back that level of visitors.

I am still looking towards getting some sort of a holiday before the end of the year. Many friends in mainland Europe are often asking when I will visit them. I am still nervy about the Covid situation changing plans at short notice but I would like to get to the mainland soon. My passport renewal is in progress. I do want to take a moment to recognise these people and say a massive Thank You to all of them for their absolutely massive levels of support over the past few months. You guys have never once failed me even at stupid o’clock when things have been below rock bottom. I am very, very grateful for your support.

I am still aware that people want to see The Trade House return. I will write separately about this.

I will try and get another update before the end of the month.

PS: Lucy has asked me all to remind you her new website which is here

Update: End August 2021

Firstly onto website news. This new site has taken over from the old courtguinness.com domain. I am delighted with the uptake and response to the new site.

courtguinness.com was getting slightly unmanageable and I am happy to move it to its new home. courtguinness.com will remain until the hosting deal runs out but there is very little left there. wordpress.com has pretty everything the old site has had since the last overhaul early in 2021 when the shopping facility and The Club were removed in conjunction with the closure of The Trade House.

My health has continued its journey southwards with more stuff coming out of the woodwork and an unwelcome return of PTSD which coincided with the death of my partner earlier in the month. Unfortunately this means I have seen more of the NHS and its staff than I would have liked. Its amazing what different combinations of long term health conditions can do when they want to.

I am looking forward to getting a holiday in shortly though a destination has yet to be finalised. I saw some fantastic deals earlier this week. I probably won’t bother going abroad as I can’t guarantee that I would not get stuck if the government or other governments move the goalposts at very short notice.

I may also have news soon about a solution for The Trade House.

I must ask the question of my readers of these updates. Did anyone else bring up their last meal when they saw the video of Michael Gove “dad dancing” in Aberdeen that has appeared in the last day or so? I managed to lose a spaghetti Bolognese all over a keyboard!

That’s all for this update. The next update will mst likely be at the end of September.

End June 2021 Update

Well its been a while since the last update, so what has been happening? Well, the website recorded its 100,000th visitor for 2021. This website also celebrated 9 years of being based on the WordPress platform. Nothing more has been broken or damaged and as such it has been a very, very quiet time since the last update.

Truth be told I have spent more than 50% of the time sleeping. Tiredness is getting much worse.

There is nothing else really to add.

I will write another update if there is content for one next month.

Court Guinness Update 03/05/2021

I apologise for the lack of blogs in April. I had a data corruption issue with this site. I also decided to The Club to a new site because of this but also to improve performance of both this site and The Club. The Club is growing nicely but owing to a huge spike in spam registrations The Club is now by invitation only. This assists performance and preserves the high quality of content in The Club. I will repost “brucie bonus” opportunities here.

I have so far resisted the temptation to visit a pub since the easing of restrictions I seriously cannot be arsed to book an appointment to go for a pint for 3. I will wait if I need to for restrictions to be completely lifted.

On this note I have booked for certain events and will book more into the schedule on an as and when basis.

So far I have managed to completely redo my media setup only to change the scope and add to it at the close of the project. Last minute scope creep. Scope. I have managed to add some new toys to it and an additional webserver. I still need to purchase more storage, about another 6TB should do it! Having a dozen favoured old school games consoles with plenty of classic games on tap in from one interface is rather cool and I have finally managed to get to grips with Kodi which is a rather good media tool. I am rather pleased that I added a projector to the kit list as playing old-school Sega Megadrive games on the back wall is a rather cool thing. More Raspberry Pi’s have been ordered! I should have a small “farm” of about 5 Pi’s when the end of the month update comes around.

A number of health conditions have transpired to keep my coding in Python short in April this is down to me sleeping a lot more and not having as much time on my hands.

I am more actively looking at moving house and a number of possible options are under consideration. I do wonder however if I am only the only one that does not like the Right Move website. I have to say I much prefer Zoopla or On The Market. As is usual with these things I am fast getting more than annoyed with estate agents. It is a sad thing that in all my dealings in residential property (and there have been very many) over the years I have only met one estate agent that isn’t a complete and utter fucking cockwomble. I do wish the government would bring in legislation to extinguish this horrible trade and their clip-on ties and polyester trousers. I don’t think I am alone in having these views.

The Trade House is still looking for someone to take it on its next journey. Covid is not assisting the market for businesses such as these.

Thats all for now



The Club Update 03/05/2021

The Club – The private network of Court Guinness has been moved away from the main courtguinness.com site in order to improve performance of both The Club and the main courtguinness.com website.

In view of the large number of spam applications which were recently running at over 300 per week. Access to the club is strictly by invitation only and those invited are able to join and to be accepted.

Easter 2021 Updates

Despite retirement it has been a very busy quarter. This website has gained 46,498 visits to date with visitors spending an average of 32 minutes every hour on the site.

I am taking even more action against Guy’s and St Thomas NHS Trust as more stuff comes to light. Of course I will update you all.

Retirement is going well and I am not missing the business as much as I thought I would. Plans to relocate abroad are currently on hold, changes to Spanish legislation especially are causing issues and I might have to give the southern Spanish sunshine a swerve. France is still looking attractive, though. The hunt for a UK bolthole is going slowly and I am still smarting from missing out on a Grand Banks yacht last month! The sleeping situation is getting worse and I am falling over more often too. I am considering swapping the mobility scooter for a wheelchair.

The learning of Python is going ok. Various things going on in March has meant that there has not been as much time as I would like to devote to this. I have however managed to knock a few bugs out of some of my code. As mentioned in other blogs I have invested in Raspberry Pi’s and these are great tools. Some more may be ordered soon! My new media centre is just excellent. With various streaming tools, a good music and media player and some fine retro game emulators it is truly a fun thing to have. I am not a fan of modern gaming systems for example Xbox or the latest PlayStation or their games but I do have a fondness for the old school stuff and I am quickly relearning my Sega Megadrive skills from the early 90’s. My thanks must go to Recallbox for their excellent Raspberry Pi image.

The club is growing slowly but nicely and could do with new members but I am pleased with growth. I have expanded and uplifted the “Brucie bonus” section to allow members to earn money and do business from various initiatives. This includes document sharing and video conferencing. The Brucie Bonus Update is here along with the opportunity to earn some referral fees. I remind everyone that access to The Club is free.

I am still enjoying blogging regularly and enjoying the uplift in traffic that this brings. There has been an uplift in the number of pure play blogs posted in the last quarter.

Here are the most popular blogs from Q1:

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The Linkgate saga continues. I lifted the Irish IP address bans and they simply returned! Blocks will be put back in place. As always I apologise to Irish visitors who are not involved but are nonetheless blocked. I am enjoying expanding my networks on other social media channels and Linkgate has driven more traffic here.

I have started booking for events for Q3 onwards and should be available for 1-2-1’s soon. I will update on international travel as soon as the relevant governments sort their s**t out. One trip to Ireland is long overdue as is a trip to mainland Europe. I am hoping for end Q3/early Q4 for both of these. Do keep an eye on this website for updates.

Lastly the giggle of the month must go to some people doing some work here who were questioned about an incident and gave a totally different version of events to the truth! Thing is the incident was captured on my CCTV so was their giving of their version of events! Muppets! I have taken further action against the firm and individuals involved.

That’s all for now!

Thank you for reading

Best regards