Court Guinness Update 03/05/2021

I apologise for the lack of blogs in April. I had a data corruption issue with this site. I also decided to The Club to a new site because of this but also to improve performance of both this site and The Club. The Club is growing nicely but owing to a huge spike in spam registrations The Club is now by invitation only. This assists performance and preserves the high quality of content in The Club. I will repost “brucie bonus” opportunities here.

I have so far resisted the temptation to visit a pub since the easing of restrictions I seriously cannot be arsed to book an appointment to go for a pint for 3. I will wait if I need to for restrictions to be completely lifted.

On this note I have booked for certain events and will book more into the schedule on an as and when basis.

So far I have managed to completely redo my media setup only to change the scope and add to it at the close of the project. Last minute scope creep. Scope. I have managed to add some new toys to it and an additional webserver. I still need to purchase more storage, about another 6TB should do it! Having a dozen favoured old school games consoles with plenty of classic games on tap in from one interface is rather cool and I have finally managed to get to grips with Kodi which is a rather good media tool. I am rather pleased that I added a projector to the kit list as playing old-school Sega Megadrive games on the back wall is a rather cool thing. More Raspberry Pi’s have been ordered! I should have a small “farm” of about 5 Pi’s when the end of the month update comes around.

A number of health conditions have transpired to keep my coding in Python short in April this is down to me sleeping a lot more and not having as much time on my hands.

I am more actively looking at moving house and a number of possible options are under consideration. I do wonder however if I am only the only one that does not like the Right Move website. I have to say I much prefer Zoopla or On The Market. As is usual with these things I am fast getting more than annoyed with estate agents. It is a sad thing that in all my dealings in residential property (and there have been very many) over the years I have only met one estate agent that isn’t a complete and utter fucking cockwomble. I do wish the government would bring in legislation to extinguish this horrible trade and their clip-on ties and polyester trousers. I don’t think I am alone in having these views.

The Trade House is still looking for someone to take it on its next journey. Covid is not assisting the market for businesses such as these.

Thats all for now



No Workey!!

I have had a much larger than the normal number of requests this week to return to work and active business.

The situation is this. I am totally retired from work now and have been since 31.12.2020. I will never work again. The brain is up for it but the body is definitely not!

Normally now I get 1 or 2 “please come back as I am looking for X or Y” this week there has been 19 enquiries!

Some of them have been for very meaty corporate projects where a great difference could be made. One was even weekly commuting to Geneva as soon as COVID was sorted! I have been banned from flying since 2014!

It looks like that despite Covid there is still some seriously good and highly valuable stuff kicking off. This is very good to see. It looks like some of the best business specialists, technology specialists, senior consultants and project managers are going to get some great opportunities to earn lots of money in spite of the dreaded IR35 and some will get a chance to get boat loads of Avios points too when restrictions are lifted.

I simply cannot work any more chaps and chapesses! That’s the long and short of it.

I must proffer thanks to some friends who think I can still work and pull off very large projects while suffering from chronic pain every day even working from home! To, Gerald, Mike and Simon, Thank you for your faith in me! I still cannot do it!

I will however introduce friends to friends who need assistance for corporate projects and the Networking Section of The Club is also available for this purpose. (Registration required).

I will consider making a public register on this site as a favour to my friends if there is very high demand.

Friends who are looking for work or who need people can also drop me a note below.

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Update 06/03/2021

So what’s been happening since the last update?

Well, I have been sleeping a lot more and that’s down to this.

I have had to expend a lot of time on Guy’s and St Thomas NHS Trust and their various mistakes in the past few weeks. I note that the NHS staff are complaining about a 1% pay rise. This lot need a pay cut until they can sort themselves out. I have evidence of a number of mistakes and issues and have evidence of them breaching GDPR, an incorrect Subject Access Request notice with lots of missing information and lots of incorrect information. I may post my latest response to their CEO for you all to enjoy.

As usual, this website has had tweaks to make it brighter and easier to navigate.

I am enjoying learning python but some of my efforts are still a little too buggy to display to the world and will not be ported to for the time being.

Retirement is going well and I am not missing the business as much as I thought I would. Learning python is using up some time and keeping me active from my sofa. My attempts at getting the Telegraph crossword down to 7 minutes are going woefully badly!

The club is growing slowly but nicely and could do with new members but I am pleased with growth. I am also going to expand and uplift the “Brucie bonus” section to allow members to earn money and do business from various initiatives. This should be in place in the next week or so.

I am still looking for a bolthole and complete relocation has not been ruled out. Neither has international relocation or a bolthole abroad. Spain and France are under consideration for relocation and Northern France for a bolthole. I narrowly missed out on a lovely classic Grand Banks 32 motor yacht recently which would have made a fantastic floating bolthole.  I remember these boats well from way back when working in the marine trade. I would love to find another good one in budget in timescale!

I have also decided to try and find a good classic Mini Cooper for use as a regular driver and classic/restomod project. I have some fantastic plans that involve a heated windscreen, some engine mods, electric windows and Satnav! See here for info.

I am enjoying blogging regularly and enjoying the uplift in traffic that this brings. I have blogged most recently about the right kit for excessive travel. An alleged mid-life crisis. Yes I am still on the lookout for a good crocodile skin Filofax cover! I have also blogged about lingerie and mobile phones. I will be blogging more about previous projects soon so keep an eye on the front page.

On a technical note, I got my wallet out last week and some shiny Lenovo kit has arrived to replace some Windows tablets which have all died with the same fault. A USB charging point attached to the main screen. The onboard USB works its way free from the motherboard far to easily on these devices and is then rendered useless unless I want an uneconomic repair. Some more Raspberry Pi devices will be arriving shortly and I am considering a Raspberry Pi cluster. The two shelves behind my sofa or behind my head the way I lounge it are starting to look like a nano version of the machine rooms  I used to spend lots of time in when I was in the IT trade with 2 web servers, a monitor, a printer, 2 NAS devices and 2 raspberry pi’s along with charging docks sat there.

The Linkgate saga continues but at least it has got rid of my stalkers! I am enjoying expanding my networks on other social media channels and Linkgate has driven more traffic here.

All in all, things are going quite well. In a final note, I am in need of contacts with daily newspapers or prime tv programs or channels. If anyone can help then please do get in touch.

Next update in 2 to 3 weeks 🙂

Best regards


Rolling Business Opportunities List 24/01/2020

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Updated 24/01/2020.

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