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A few things you do not know about Court.

A few things you do not know about Court.

He has worked all over the world. He is an expert in blagging upgrades with Hotels, Airlines and Car Hire companies.
He is a former International IT Consultant and Management Consultant. He has been a director of 8 companies. He is a bit of an expert on muti-deck refrigerated display units!

One of his claims to fame is nearly being run over by Her Majesty The Queen!
Rumour, Legend and Folklore has it that Court owns Gatwick Airport – Actually this bit is utter tosh! Another claim to fame is managing to travel on more flights in one year than pilots are legally allowed to fly.

The IRA have attempted to blow Court up four times. They failed massively every time! Court didn’t need medical assistance! In fact all Court needed was some replacement underwear from Marks and Spencer.
Another Court claim to fame is being able to have a cigarette at the bottom of the runway at Heathrow Airport. You might ask how he managed this? Its simple he was working on the build of Terminal 5. Court has lived in 5 countries and speaks 3 languages.

Court is one of the curators of the phrase: “Band 5 bullshitter”. This phrase is used to describe a corrupt, useless or incompetent member of staff of any job description or grade who works within the NHS, be it a toilet cleaner, a nurse or a Chief Executive. Court believes that there is no place for corruption, incompetence or misconduct of any kind in any facet or grade of public life or service.

Court has developed over 100 WordPress websites and was the Publisher of The TradeHouse Magazine. Court is a big user of Nextcloud. Friends very close to Court say that he should have either been in the marketing or investment trades.

Court is deaf and disabled. Court is a big fan of 80’s classic motor cars and classic Jaguar motor cars. Lastly Court is a pastor with The Universal Life Church Monastery and is licensed to officiate at weddings! This was set up by one of Court’s mates as a bit of a giggle at his expense!

Court is also Lord Court Guinness of Glencoe.
Court is divorced and widowed with one daughter and is based in Warwickshire. He has retired from business and no longer works. He lives with Lucy The Cat.


  • Director
  • Shareholder
  • Consultant
  • Technologist
  • Project Manager
  • Strategist
  • Over 30,000 contacts
  • Arsenal Supporter
  • Deaf
  • Disabled
  • Retired
  • Dad
  • Boats
  • Jaguar



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